Self-Care Support for Women

MidLife Redesign Coaching & Consultation 

If caring for your whole self is not your TOP priority,

you are at high risk of burning out .

Meaningful and sustainable self-care


planning and practice.

It is a journey and a way of life.

You need not go it alone. 

You NEED and DESERVE support along the way....


Knowing how to create and observe a practical and effective self-care plan is both a science and an art.

Learning how to put this into place in a way that really sticks requires learning, practice and support along the way.

You may need private one on one support, training, or you may need to go on retreat.

 I am Lynn Louise Wonders and I help women like you create a sustainable, transformational self-care plan through coaching, consultation and training.

“Lynn is warm, compassionate and highly intuitive. My life has changed in wonderful ways after having Lynn’s help.”

T C, Atlanta, GA

“Lynn has gathered all the wisdom for natural health and life balance for women over 40. Her heart is big, her aim is high and her dedication is unwavering.”

MAS, Smyrna, GA

“For me, it’s the positive energy that I get from Lynn – the encouragement, the firm guidelines, the accountability, the meditations, the community, and the journaling all give me the drive to stick to the program. It’s a mind shift and I think that’s sustainable.”

CS, Park City, UT

Your life can be in balance...

Schedule a free consultation to discuss what you need to create a self-care plan that will lead you to experiencing the balance and fulfillment you are longing for.

Lynn Wonders | Wonders Wellness

Lynn Louise Wonders

Professional Self-Care Consultant, Midlife Redesign Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, Canfield Certified Trainer & Success Coach, Experienced-Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Certified Pure Presence® Practitioner

The Midlife Self-Discovery Workbook