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YOU are the ultimate expert on yourself and your life.

You’ve just gotten a little turned around along the way.

After all, LIFE presents lots of twists, turns, bumps and boulders impeding the path.

Things happen.

Relationships change form or end.

Health falters.

Unexpected changes occur.

Life can be overwhelming, confusing and disorienting at times.

The thing is… deep inside of your heart of hearts, you know who you really are

And you know what matters most for you and your life.

You just need the right kind of support

to uncover the KEYS within you to more joy, fun, peace and security in your life.

Maybe it’s time for life design coaching.

You can become the conscious designer of a more joyful, fun and peaceful life with the inspiring,

encouraging and nurturing support of a seasoned professional

who has spent over 20 years providing psychotherapy and counseling

and now is offering life design coaching.



You NEED and DESERVE support along the way....



I am Lynn Louise Wonders.

I am a Life Design Coach.

I inspire, encourage and support people like you to locate those keys

deep down in your inner well of wisdom

that unlock doors to greater joy, fun and peace in your life.

“Lynn is warm, compassionate and highly intuitive. My life has changed in wonderful ways after having Lynn’s help.”

T C, Atlanta, GA

“Lynn has gathered all the wisdom for natural health and life balance for women over 40. Her heart is big, her aim is high and her dedication is unwavering.”

MAS, Smyrna, GA

“For me, it’s the positive energy that I get from Lynn – the encouragement, the firm guidelines, the accountability, the meditations, the community, and the journaling all give me the drive to stick to the program. It’s a mind shift and I think that’s sustainable.”

CS, Park City, UT

Your life can be more joyful, fun and peaceful!

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation so we can discuss where you are and where you want to be.

Lynn Wonders | Wonders Wellness

Lynn Louise Wonders

Life Design Coach & Consultant, Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor, Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach in training, Canfield Certified Trainer & Success Coach, Experienced-Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher, and Certified Pure Presence® Practitioner