detox yummy 2I recently had the honor of getting to know a new colleague and friend in the field of wellness and nutrition, Nikolett Jones, Certified Health Coach. She’s all things wellness and really focuses on how to create a new and loving relationship with the healthiest foods.

When I heard about her programs I had to connect with her because her work in helping thousands of busy mamas around the world lines up with what I am doing to help women over 40. I was so impressed by what she is offering, I asked her If I could be her affiliate partner and help spread the word so together we can help a lot of women worldwide.

Nikolett Jones

Nikolett is leading a 3 day detox February 26-28 and it’s actually created for BUSY women on the go…. So, it’s easy, and straightforward and may be just what you are looking for.  She gives you everything you need including simple, delicious recipes, shopping lists and the best part is there is a private facebook group where you can connect with your buddies doing the program during the 3 days.

So, when IS a 3 day detox a good idea?

  • Did you overindulge during the holidays and having a hard time bouncing back? This 3 day detox can be the jump-start you need!
  • Have you been ill or especially stressed lately? A 3 day detox can give your body a good cleanse and reset
  • Want to release excess weight? A 3 day detox can get your body ready to start a longer weight loss program by cleaning out the toxins
  • Want to lead a healthier life? This 3 day detox can be just the launching point for a longer running practice of healthy eating
  • Is your belly bloated? digestive unrest? A 3 day detox can give your belly a break and nourish your body with easily digestible foods
  • Have eczema? A 3 day detox can be just the shift you need to get you off of the foods that are likely causing or exacerbating your skin issues.
  • Worried about aging skin? This 3 day detox will get you moved over to anti-inflammatory foods that are packed with antioxidants and anti-aging properties
  • Menopause symptoms? Sometimes doing a 3 day detox can begin the process of leveling out your hormones by giving your body a chance to rest, reset and bring in super-nutritious plant-based foods.
  • Are you a yogi?  For centuries, yogis have practiced breaks in their nutritional patterns by fasting. While this 3 day detox is NOT fasting, it is a way of giving your body only what it needs to operate optimally so that your mind can clear and your prana can flow smoothly.

green smootieWith Nikolett’s 3 day detox, you will find creative and easy ways to bring whole foods to the front of your daily meals.

Click on over and find out more about Nikolett’s “My Little 3 Day Detox” and get your body lined up with your mind and heart. When you get there, scroll down and read all about it. It’s really fantastic! And I hope to see you in her buddy group on Facebook Feb. 26-28. I’ll be doing it and I hope you will join me!

Here’s to your health!