success in life and business I have 3 Positive Actions for Success in Life & Business that I want to share with you.

If you have reached a point in your work and life that feels like you are on the brink of burnout or simply feeling dissatisfied with your life and relationships, these three steps are for you.

I guarantee if you practice these things described below you will feel and see a significant shift in the way you are experiencing your life and work.

1. Create Clarity on HOW and WHAT You Want to FEEL

When You Experience Success in Life and Business

By now, surely you are aware of the POWER of envisioning! You must be clear as to the way you want to feel in order for you to experience what you want for your life and business. SUCCESS is achieved when we FEEL a sense of fulfillment. In order to feel fulfilled you have to break this down into specific emotions and experiences you long for.

It is essential to see and feel very clearly in your mind’s eye and in your body’s sensations what you want your experience of your life and business to look and feel like. This process of embodied envisioning provides a clear target as well as a grounding process, ensuring you get and stay on track.

.Focusing on the embodied vision of what you DO want for your life and business is far more effective than bemoaning the lack in you are experiencing.

To make this practice concrete, I recommend  creating a vision board with images and key words that describe how and what you want to feel in your life and business. Make this a daily ongoing process. Place your vision board where you can see it and meditate with it, adding to it and contemplating the feelings and sensations the images and words bring for you.

Another way to embody this envisioned way of being and feeling is to share it with colleagues, friends and family members whom you know will support you. Invite them to share in your vision and to encourage and support you.

2. Tune Into Your Inner Wisdom Every Day

Believe it or not, you actually have the greatest and wisest teacher right inside of your own being. It is all too common to ignore the whispers of wisdom this inner self conveys in exchange for the loud influences of doubt, worry and criticism.

It’s essential to know and recognize that there is inner wisdom within you just waiting to guide you. And all you have to do is learn how to tune in and listen. This is the essence of a seated meditation practice. I strongly urge you to practice on a daily basis. I’m coming out with an 8 week guided course on seated meditation very soon. Meanwhile read this article to get you started.

Your inner wise self WANTS you to achieve success in life and business! Learn to tune in throughout your day but simply getting quiet and asking internally what is the best choice here and now. Then, you must trust what you feel from this inner guidance which will make your connection to your wise intuition all the stronger.


3. Create SOME Forward Movement Every Day

Toward Success in Life and Business

You don’t need to achieve enormous things in a single bound. In fact, the idea of baby steps every day is really the true way to success in life and business. If you attempt to get it all done all at once you are guaranteeing a path to overwhelm and exhaustion. Creating some small movement toward your goals every day is definitely the preferred way to go.

Start by asking your wise inner self, “What can I do today that will move me a little closer toward this embodied envision of success in my life and business?” Allow for the answer to float up into your awareness and don’t judge what comes. Trust it. Take those steps. Schedule it on your calendar and make sure it happens.

For example, last year I was in a car accident that caused a ruptured disc on my neck and another in my low back impairing my mobility. As a result, my body regained some excess weight and my ability to do the things I love to do was severely limited. I created a vision of restoring my body to perfect health and mobility and every day I make some forward movement. I go for a walk, I take a pilates class, I do physical therapy, I choose a nourishing meal. I’m getting stronger every day as a result.

Your momentum toward your goal will increase and you take small steps on a daily basis in that direction.