From September 6 through January 6 I am dedicating each day to a personal challenge I am calling “A Simple Life Project.” I would love to have you join me.

I just arrived home after three days at a most serene and peaceful lake in the Great Smoky Mountains with my three kids (ages 16, 19 and 22) and two of their darling friends. There was no cell phone service and very weak wifi there. We talked, laughed, got out on the water together, cooked together and as I sat on the deck looking out at the majesty of those mountains and the glassy lake dreading the return to my hectic life at home I realized I could do something about this.

I decided for the next four months I am going to make a change or a shift of some kind every day toward the goal of living a more simplified life.

For four months every day I’m going to post on my Wonders Wellness Facebook page an inspirational idea about how this might be achieved. I know I’m not alone. I hear from women every day who long for this but feel overwhelmed by where to begin. I get it. So, I’m going to jump in the water first and let you know each day how it’s going. I’m hoping to inspire a lot of women to follow this plan and actively simplify their lives.

Let’s discover 125 ways we can SLOW DOWN and SAVOR  life so you and I can see and feel what REALLY matters. Be sure to follow the Wonders Wellness Facebook page and check in there daily to see what I’m sharing there to help you.