About . . .

When you find yourself feeling discouraged and wondering,


“Is this it? Is this what my life is going to be from now on?”


You know there has to be more to life than this.


You know there has to be a way to feel more fulfilled, to enjoy your life.


You want to feel more connected to your life’s purpose.


You also want to find just the right support person

who can tune into you and help you find your way.

You want someone to show you HOW to have a more fulfilling life.


I would like to help you get unstuck.

Allow me to help you discover the keys that you need.


I provide coaching, consultation, training, and effective tools

for conscious life design that leads to more joy, fun and peace in your life. 


With nearly 30 years of professional experience and expertise

in the fields of psychology and personal growth,

I offer life design coaching and consultation services to people just like you.



Here is a quick run-down of some of my professional background so you know you’re in good hands when you work with me:

  • Masters of Arts in psychology and professional counseling
  • Registered and certified as a yoga and meditation instructor
  • Worked in higher education and career consultation services since 1995
  • Nurtured 2 babies at home while teaching meditation, yoga and tai chi classes and attending graduate school on weekends
  • Provided professional counseling and psychotherapy services provided to people of ALL ages since 2002
  • Registered as a play therapist & supervisor
  • Certified as a Jack Canfield Success Trainer and Coach
  • Certified as a Pure Presence® Practitioner
  • Over 30 years experience leading meditation, yoga and tai chi classes
  • Personal growth and self-care retreats led in beautiful mountain and beach locations since 2007
  • PhD in Psychology with special focus of Consciousness & Spirituality (in progress)
  • Martha Beck trained Wayfinders Life Coach (training and certification in progress)
  • Synergetic Play and Psychotherapist (training and certification in progress)

I promote personal growth and emotional balancing believing that whether you are wanting to expand and deepen your experiences personally or professionally, you first have to get in touch with the KEYS that lie within your inner deep well of wisdom.

I have been fortunate to have had extensive training over 30 years from many of the world’s greatest teachers and mentors.

I’ve also had my own share of challenges, changes and celebration in my 55 years on this planet from which I have learned and grown.

It is my joy to know that I am helping people like you

to consciously design a life with greater joy, fun and peace.

I offer this professional support and resources from my sincere desire to help you live a more deeply satisfying life.

I am on a mission to help people practice deep and abiding self care at a time in our world we all need to feel connected to our wisest and highest selves, to one another and to this Earth we live on.

You can read more from people who have worked with me and benefited from my coaching programs to learn what the experience was like for them.

I also believe deeply in observing seva (service) by serving humans in need in various ways. Learn more about how you can join me in helping people around the world.

I meet with people by video conference for private consultation every week.

Click HERE if you would like to get on my schedule for a no-cost 15 minute consultation.

*Please note: There is a distinction between “counseling” , “coaching” and “consultation.” In your complimentary 15 minute consultation, together we will determine which of these services is most appropriate for you.

Please review my Terms and Conditions Statement and my Disclaimer Statement regarding this website and my services.

My services are provided under the Wonders Wellness™ Institute I founded in 2016 and through this I am dedicated to educational, coaching and consultation services – separate and apart from psychotherapy services.

If you reside in the state of Georgia where I hold my professional license and you’d like to discuss counseling services, please visit WondersCounseling.com

I look forward to hearing from you.


Want to Receive my Free 20 Minutes Guided Relaxation?

Let's Connect! I'd love to speak with you over Zoom or by phone so you can tell me what's going on in your life and I can share how I might be able to help you create more joy, fun and peace. Contact me here.

If you happen to be between ages 40-65, human development experts say you're in the midlife stage of life and I've got a workbook you might want to have. It's a journey with pen and pages and you'll discover so much about yourself and your life . . . You can order your copy HERE.

The Midlife Self-Discovery Workbook

“Almost everyone who feels stymied, aimless, directionless is carrying an unresolved emotional wound. A lack of enthusiasm for life is always a sign that the deep self is hurt. Every person's essential self is pure, productive energy, and yours will return and send you into a fulfilling life almost automatically if your psyche is in good repair.”

― Martha N. Beck

From Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live