We rush about doing all the things we do as busy, dedicated women.

It’s different for everyone, but many of us over 40 are at a reflective point in life as our children are growing up (some friends in their 40’s are just getting started with babies, granted), our careers have reached a new level, we see some signs of maturity in the mirror, we notice our bodies don’t respond as they used to.

Our days are often consumed by attending to agendas full of must-do-items. Busily planning, planning, planning for the next meal, the next family vacation, the next big project at work.

We are a fountain, always on and available, doling out the love and attention and energy others around us ask and expect from us.

And one day…. one day we might just awaken and realize while we play many roles, those roles are not who we are….

I am a mother. But a mother is not who I am. In my role of mother I extend love and care for my children. What I DO is not who I am, though.

In this Western society we tie up all our thoughts and beliefs and energies into a notion that what we DO defines us.

And even so, through the doing, through the roles we serve in, we have opportunity to express who we REALLY are.

It  feels so important to me that we women over the age of 40 begin acknowledging who we really are and not allow ourselves to be defined by the jobs we do, the roles we play in our lives, the actions we take.

You and I have something very precious inside of us. It is who we truly are. It knows why we are here. If we can take time to notice it, acknowledge this aspect of self, sit with it quietly and just listen on a daily basis our lives begin to take a different shape.

It is the “spirit” of who we really are. The part of us that knows no fear. The part of us that came into this world pure from the Source of all Purity and Love.

Sitting daily in a receptive state of quiet and non-doing is an excellent way to begin this acknowledging.