come from your heartLet’s face it. We spend a lot of money to go to school and training to become a counselor or coach. We invest a lot of time, energy in dollars into the marketing of our services as a private practitioner. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of focusing on  the HOW to bring in clients in order to pay the bills and overlook the WHY we are doing what we do.

I see too many coaches and counselors flying about, chasing their tails trying to figure out how to get more clients without a home base.

Your home base is your heart. Not talking about the blood-pumping organ in the left side of your chest, rather this heart-center of wisdom at the core of your highest and truest self. In your heart you know beyond words why you came to this work as a helper in service to others. It’s crucial to return home and root into what your heart has always guided you to do.

At the heart of who you are, there is something very precious that knows why you are here and knows where you are to go next. It will guide you and never lead you astray. It only requires that you tune in, connect and listen on a regular basis.

Yes, there are lots of practical strategies and notions about visuals and copy-writing for your website. There are things to learn with regard to social media connections and of course there is plenty to know and remember about ethical care of our clients and all the education that comes into play there.  But without  connecting with the heart of who  you are none of this knowledge will help you build a successful business.

I’ve seen it happen. I’ve seen coaches who create beautiful websites, blog regularly, send out emails to their list weekly, spend lots of time posting on social media perplexed as to why they have no clients.

Building a counseling or coaching practice from the heart requires a few essential elements. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Get into your own counseling or coaching with a truly heart-based coach or therapist. You need someone to teach you and guide you as you dive into the heart of who you are and support you with an accountability checkpoint as you cultivate a personal discipline of daily exploration and reverence for your inner world.
  2. Meditate daily. You can start off with guided meditations but eventually you need to ditch the mp3 and build a seated meditation practice. Please go watch my video and read my guide to the Art and Science of Seated Meditation. Create a daily seated meditation practice and your life and business will thrive in time. I promise.
  3. Practice mindfulness for real. Don’t just dip your toe in the water one time and say you know all about mindfulness. Really embrace this practice and fold it into every moment of your life.  Living life in the present moment, paying very close attention without judging and analyzing is life changing. Mindfulness has been shown scientifically to change the brain, to heal diseases, to improve sleep and bring profound peace. Go take a peek at my article on mindfulness here.
  4. Observe the Yoga of Eating. You eat everyday, so let your meals be an opportunity to connect deeply to your food, your body, the present moment which in turn will help you to be more in tune to what your heart is guiding you toward in your life.
  5. Spend some time diving into the WHY you got into this business and the WHY you are offering what it is you are offering to people. Go check out this video of Simon Sinek – this will turn your business mind upside down in a wonderful way.
  6. Take time to walk in nature. Get outdoors, swing your arms, look up at the sky, feel the miracle of your breath. All the while allowing your heart to expand and your mind to follow. You may find you get flashes of creative ideas sometimes and sometimes you may just feel a sense of aliveness and energizing.
  7. Before you get on social media, find your center, meditate a few minutes, say a prayer that you will be guided to be of service. Don’t commit the “drive-by-post” on social media – take a little time to make authentic connections with people. Extend yourself without expecting anything in return. Pay sincere compliments. Build real relationships.
  8. Learn to TRUST your intuition. Once you connect with your truest and highest self that resides in the heart of who you are, you will receive whispers of direction. Trust those whispers! Follow them even when your logical brain may kickin with objection.
  9. Connect with OTHER heart-based entrepreneurs to partner and support one another’s programs. Join a community of heart-based business owners and make connections that can be financially lucrative but more importantly a powerful way of bringing change to the world.

Magnets do not need to work to attract. It happens automatically. If you are truly dialed into your truest and highest self, when you are super clear about WHY you are offering the services you offer, you will naturally draw in the ideal clients who can benefit profoundly from your guidance and support as a coach or counselor.

If you feel drawn to work with me as your business coach please drop me a line. Read more here and let’s connect!