share the love buildIn the world of online business the idea of  “affiliate marketing” has gotten a bad reputation and for good reason. There have always been snake oil salesmen and carpet baggers in the world of free enterprise and it’s no different in the world of online business. There are lots of people who will gladly take your money for sub-par products.

But building a solid business with integrity and heart does not have to be that way!

So what does it mean to build business AND spread love? Heart-based business is all about creating monetary and life-style success while coming from a place of authentic desire to be of service to humanity. Affiliate marketing – if done right – can be an excellent way of helping people while support other heart-based business owners and your own business all at the same time.

There are so many therapists, life coaches, healers, helpers who are in business because they want to be of service. You are probably one of them if you are reading this article.  Through connecting and building relationships with other business owners who come from the heart, everyone benefits.

I met two such fellow business owners and we came together to create a powerful membership community called Online Affiliate Finders. Our mission is to provide powerful resources and information to help other heart-based entrepreneurs to create an affiliate marketing plan to promote and share their programs and products. We also help heart-based bloggers learn now to be an affiliate for other heart-based business owners. It’s a win for the business owners and a win for the customers and this is how:

6 Top Tips to Building Business & Spreading Love Through Affiliate Marketing

  1. Create and promote your own passion-based products/programs first:

    You started your business with a project that was born from the heart of who you are and why you’re here on the planet. First, put your energy into creating and sharing your own products and programs. This will create a trustworthy and solid reputation within the audience of your ideal customers/clients. You will establish your own expert credibility in your chosen niches. This goes a long way to prove your integrity and long-term credibility with your list of followers, customers and clients.

  2. Build relationship and join community with other heart-based professionals.

    It’s so important to take the time to really get to know a substantial number of other business owners who also come from the heart in commitment to serving AND making a profit. Take your time getting to know people and helping them to get to know you. We provide people a chance to do this at Online Affiliate Finders. 

  3. Share but don’t scare.  

    Provide your list with genuinely useful information and tips, and then subtly and gently share with readers about opportunities to enhance their lives by checking out opportunities to purchase. There is no need to hit readers over the head. Be authentic, genuine and subtle. Don’t scare off your readers with pushy, salesy newsletters.

  4. Form friendships and then introduce to your circle of trusted followers. 

    Before I became an affiliate for Gilly’s Organics Skin Care line I became good friends with the owner Gillian Garrett. We spent time on the phone discussing the visions and passions for our respective businesses. When I became an affiliate partner for Gilly’s I was able to introduce Gilly AND her products to all the people who know me and trust me. People are more willing to buy products and programs if they are introduced through a trusted connection.

  5. Be selective with the affiliate partnerships you choose to promote. 

    Don’t over-do it. Pick and choose which programs and products are a truly good fit for your followers, customers and clients. Get to know the product and program you are supporting and promoting before putting it out there and make certain you can stand behind it. I don’t promote anything unless I know for certain that it’s a high-quality product or service and one my readers will appreciate and benefit from.

  6. Spread the love to build business. 

    If you can focus on your desire to help people’s lives improve, then the entire orientation to your business and the notion of success shifts to sharing and spreading love. When this is the basis of your business, you will be able to network and connect with others who come from that same place. Through heart-based affiliate marketing you can partner and share your products through other business owners and share their’s with your audience. It no longer feels like selling when the focus is on simply sharing the love. Be generous in sharing and helping others get the word out about their business and everyone profits.

As a member of Online Affiliate Finders you will have access to our Members Area that is RICH with resources on how to set up an affiliate program, monetize your blog and build relationships. You will also have access to a vibrant online community of other heart-based entrepreneurs through which you can network, share as well as find and extend support.