beach sunset 300What in the world does “personal attack” have to do with holistic wellness and releasing excess weight of body, mind and spirit?

When people attack us verbally, emotionally or certainly physically, it causes tremendous stress in the body, mind and spirit.

Often when attacked, we have those automatic reactions of fight, flight or freeze.  All stress induced. Cortisol rushes through the body signaling danger. The body does not know the difference between physical or imagined danger. That hormonal danger signal sends the body into alarm state which causes the body to hold on to excess fat AND keeps the mind stuck in a place that is the opposite of “well-being.”

There is a fourth option outside of fight, flight and freeze. One that requires dedicated practice.

I call this practice the “love-n-light bath.”

It’s a mental, physical and energetic exercise to assist you in preserving your own well-being in the face of personal attack.  It may seem “woo-woo” to some of you. Bear with me. Science has shown us that visualization, breath and relaxation exercises help to combat stress response.

Here are the steps to the “love-n-light bath.”

1. Breathe consciously and deeply. The breath is the bridge between the mind and the body.

2. Intentionally soften your belly, your face, drop your shoulders down away from your ears and feel your feet grounded into the floor and earth beneath you. Shake out tension in your hands – make a fist and release.

3. Breathe deeply and evenly. Feel your breath expand your lungs as you inhale. Feel your belly contract as you exhale

4. Close your eyes and envision your body filled and surrounded with a beautiful glowing, radiant light. Continue to breathe seeing the light coming in and out with the breath.

5. Repeat silently in your mind, “I choose to be bathed in love and light. I am filled and surrounded by love and light.”

6. Once you feel truly encased by this vision and sensation, send the light out to your attacker and bathe them with the same love and light.

7. Return focus to your breath and softening in your body. Feel the earth under your feet.