relaxingIn the hurry and bustle of everyday life, it can be very easy to lose our balance and become frenzied and frazzled. It can seem difficult to find way back to a centered, calm focus.

I created a 10 minute guided audio recording as a resource I provide to women who participate in my 12 Weeks to Total Transformation and for coaching clients. I decided to share it here for anyone and everyone because this recording has been reported as tremendously helpful to those who have used it.

Please have a listen and feel free to download to your device. Share freely with anyone whom you believe will benefit.

[s3mv fileName=’GuidedMeditationforFindingCenter.mp3′ fileType=’audio’ preLoad=’Y’ autoPlay=’N’ ]

[s3mv fileName=’GuidedMeditationforFindingCenter.mp3′ fileType=’link’ ]