Intuitive Readings and Transmissions

You can schedule a private intuitive reading or transmission session with Lynn Louise Wonders in a number of ways. . .

But first, read what some of Lynn’s recent intuitive reading and  transmission clients have to say….

  • What an awesome gift and amazing reading! 🙏Thank you so much for an accurate, and truly thought provoking reading. It was very beautiful and the energetic support was very helpful. I’m still processing the depth but I appreciate you and the energy behind it. Many souls will benefit from your work- I AM grateful. 💖💖💖 – Catherine
  • I just received a reading from Lynn Louise Wonders and WOW it was SUPER insightful and accurate! She truly has a beautiful gift and I’m so happy she is sharing it again!! If you need a little guidance right now, I highly suggest you reach out to her! – Dawn
  • The reading was spot on and confirmed my inner guidance + the nudges I’ve been getting. 🙏🏼 Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you more around here with your gifts. – Adele
  • Lynn has an ability to see and go deep beyond the surface in a very gentle way that helps me to see myself more clearly. Very healing. Very powerful!  – Jane
  • Lynn did a Tarot reading for me. I was BLOWN away with how accurate she was about things I haven’t shared with anyone. It was incredibly helpful and the coolest part is she does so with such warmth and grace. I’ll be going to Lynn for more readings! – Christy
  • I presented a very vague issue and the reading she did was so detailed and spot on. Exactly what I needed to know and be told. I am amazed at the accuracy of the information I received! I’ve always been interested in her light language and this is the first time I’ve gotten to actually experience it. This was all such perfect timing for me and the experience was beyond what I could have imagined. Thank you so much Lynn, I want you to know that you have made a difference in my life and I’m so grateful for you! ❤️ – Laura
  • Your healing light is extraordinary. I loved receiving the channeled light language – the vibrational medicine was soulful. The reading validated my ascension path and I see it oh so clearly. The support is invaluable. Thank you Lynn for this gift ♥️🙏 – Maria
  • I’ve never felt something quite like the light transmission I received, I feel a deep and immediate shift in the way I was feeling, I ended up feeling very peaceful and warm, it was amazing. Thank you so much 🙂

Ways YOU Can Work With Lynn

Quick Draw Reading

Lynn will connect to you and your energy field and will then using the Tarot and several other Oracle decks she works with, she will intuitively pull. your cards and provide a thorough reading, sending you a written reading via email or messenger. You can ask for a specific life-area in which you are looking for guidance or you can ask for a general reading. $20 (Fall sale: 50% off – $10) 

In-Depth Reading with Follow Up Questions

Let Lynn know the areas of your life where you are needing guidance and ask any questions you would like. She will provide a written reading and invite you to ask follow up questions for a deeper dive and will provide a written follow up to your questions. $40 (Fall sale: 50% off – $20) 

Private Live Intuitive Guidance Sessions

You can meet with Lynn live via video conference or phone (your preference honored) during which time she will pull cards and channel in guidance for you. Pulling from her 30 years experience as a psychotherapist and counselor, she provides a warm, compassionate presence and this aids in her ability to provide intuitive guidance.

30 minute session: $100 (Fall sale: 50% off – $50) 

60 minute sessions $200 (Fall sale: 50% off – $100) 

Energy Healing Session With the Light Language

Lynn will channel the highest vibration of healing light energy for whatever is in your highest good and will record your customized audio transmission for you to listen to again and again. If guided to do so, she will also channel a light language symbol with which you can meditate. Often she is guided to particular crystals during the transmission and will provide instructions or further information for you. $50 (Fall sale: 50% off – $25) 

If you would like to book in a session, please fill out this form below. Lynn will contact you via email to schedule your session and provide payment options.

Intuitive Readings & Transmission Sessions

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These services provided do NOT constitute mental health or medical services but are for learning and entertainment purposes only. If we should determine your request is better addressed by a medical or mental health professional you will be provided a recommendation and referral to an appropriate resource in your area.