Meditation Cushions that Make Sitting More Comfortable

Tired of your leg falling asleep during meditation?

Allow me to introduce you to the state-of-the-art meditation cushion. 

Many of my clients choose to establish a daily meditation practice as part of their wellness journey. The trouble is sitting can be uncomfortable without the right meditation cushion.

After 25 years of seated meditation practice and issues of discomfort during sitting, I have discovered the meditation cushion that eliminates all the discomfort and supports my body so that sitting for longer periods of time is now easy and comfortable.

meditation cushion

Moonleap cushions are specially designed to tilt the pelvis forward which eliminates pressure on the sciatic nerve. Pressure on the sciatic never is what often causes your legs to “fall asleep” when sitting on other meditation cushions.

This design naturally shifts your weight more evenly, relieving discomfort that occurs when the pelvic bones compress sensitive spots in the buttocks.
meditation cushion

  • The filling is made of organic spelt husks  – much like buckwheat husk filling used in other cushions. The spelt filling shifts in order to assist in distributing your weight evenly.
  • Cushions are covered in high quality, heavy weight woven fabric and come in a variety of colors.

To improve your comfort during seated meditation you can purchase here:


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