heavy woman in desertI have several clients over the age of 50 who have expressed to me there is a big difference in the life challenges of women age 45 who still have younger children and women over 50 whose children have left the nest and who are experiencing life post-menopause.

I must agree.

Having just turned 49 myself, being well past menopause (as a result of necessary surgery at age 44) and seeing 2 of my kids living on their own independently, I can see that the challenges we face at this stage are different than my 45 year old friend who gave birth to twins two years ago.

So, this got me thinking… You don’t need to feel like you’re out in the desert all by yourself…

I truly believe when women get to the stage in life when the really BIG changes have set in it’s time for some live, face-to-face group support with other women who really get it. A group where women can feel safe in expressing themselves openly and honestly and gain some practical tools for living life fully after the age of 50.

I truly love supporting women with holistic lifestyle coaching through video-conferencing and over the phone but there is something particularly impactful about gathering face-to-face, in person to feel the connection with other women.  In olden days, women gathered together to sew or do the wash. When we were younger women, we gathered with our young children for play groups, Bunko or book club. As we move into the second half of life it is all too common to lose this camraderie.

Beginning in February 2016 I will be hosting two live, face-to-face support groups for women in mid-life here at the brick-n-mortar location of Wonders Wellness Center. It will be 8 weeks of group sessions with a choice between a morning time or an evening time. I am asking for $125 non-refundable deposit to commit to the group’s formation and a balance of $125 at the first meeting (if you have financial concerns certainly speak with me privately for personalized arrangements).

Meetings will be either Tuesdays February 2-March 22 6:00 to 7:15 pm OR Thursdays February 4-March 24 10:00 to 11:15 am.

Care to join me? Send me an email to lynn@wonderscounseling.com with Midlife Support in the subject line and let’s connect.