Midlife Book Circle 2022

About Lynn Louise Wonders

The 2022 program is FULL! Check back here in Spring 2023 as I will run another then!

The Midlife Book Circle is Your Support Connection for 8 Weeks Facilitated by Lynn Louise Wonders

The lotus flower blossoms bright and beautiful out of the muddy pond bottom. Sometimes our lives feel like those muddy waters — especially in midlife! But with the right tools practiced and utilized, we can emerge like a lotus blossom. That’s what the Midlife Book Circle is all about!

Early this year my book pictured below was published by Rockbridge Press.

This book is designed to help people in midlife who want to shake loose from the muddy bottom of life and re-emerge lighter, brighter and more in tune with their truest self and best life ever…

The Midlife Self-Discovery Workbook

Wednesday September 21 – November 9 I will begin leading a Midlife Book Circle for 8 weeks and each week we will work through my book one chapter at a time.

Our meetings will be a confidential container for participants to share together what we are learning about ourselves and our lives as we work through the book one chapter at a time together each week.

I will be facilitating discussion after participants have read and worked through the exercises in the corresponding chapter for each week.

We will meet Wednesdays from 12:00 to 1:15 pm EASTERN time zone September 21 – November 9 via Zoom.

When you enroll in the Midlife Book Circle, I will ship a personally signed copy of my book to you!

The fee is $49 for the entire 8 week support program!

Space will be limited so enroll now and secure your spot. I look forward to walking with you on this midlife journey!