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I was down in St. Augustine, Florida where the supposed Fountain of Youth was discovered and still attracts crowds year-round. As we drove by I thought to myself, If only we can convince people that the fountain of youth is in the foods they could be eating!

Leading experts tell us we are what we eat. 

And apparently our skin, eyes and hair are directly affected! You CAN turn to nutrition for youthful beauty!

According to a panel of holistic-minded registered dietitians, naturopath doctors and dermatologists, there are lots of foods packed with specific nutrient value that lend to sparkling, youthful beauty.

Here are my 7 top favs:

1. Spinach – Popeye knew what he was doing – just sayin’. Among the many nutritional benefits, spinach contains lutein, zea-xanthin and beta-carotene which help keep our eyes sharp and bright, flavanoids that help keep puffiness and inflammation at bay and it contains iron which keeps hair rich and full of body.

2. Avocadoes – Often lauded as a “healthy fat,”, avocadoes contain oleic acid which assists the body in soaking up antioxidants from other fruits and veggies and helps the skin to remain soft. They also provide us a dose of collagen which boosts skin’s elasticity.

3. Blue-, Black-, Straw- and Rasp – Berries – Anthocyanin is a potent antioxidant that helps reduce damage from free-radicals on the skin and ellagic acid protects skin from sun damage and promotes elastin and collagen in the skin. This dynamic duo deters wrinkles from forming.

4. Wild Caught Salmon – Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, salmon helps keep skin soft and youthful looking while promoting shine to hair.

5. Green Tea – The polyphenols found in this East Asian drink of choice fights inflammation. Bye-bye puffy eyes!

6. Broccoli – The vitamin C in broccoli gives us a boost collagen production to keep skin healthy and supple, while vitamin E protects skin cells and protects against UV radiation damage. The fiber in broccoli keeps the intestines swept clean, helping to detoxify the body, contributing to a healthy glow!

7. Coconut Oil – This medium-chain triglyceride is a source of healthy fat the body knows how to put to work efficiently. Among the myriad benefits, coconut oil is the only fat you can cook with at high heat without damaging its properties. It helps keep the skin moist and supple and provides youthful energy, promoting a healthy metabolism and thyroid function.

It’s recommended by many to steam or saute your broccoli and spinach in order to maximize health benefits. Be sure to get organic produce whenever possible and start folding these super-7 into your diet more regularly!