purple flowerI have been practicing and teaching meditation for 20 years. Meditation has been the cornerstone of my own spiritual awakening and healing processes and I have come to observe over the past 20 years that a respectful and regular meditation practice enlivens the true essence of who we are.

I encourage you to lift your gaze up and above the daily grind of this human life and remember you are here to re-member all that you are. Your life is not just about slogging through the mud puddles of life and playing in the sunny spots.

The mud puddles of life , as well as the sunny spots, are all here for our learning and growth. We must remember that the mud puddles and sunny spots of this human experience are not the end-all-be-all, however.
You have a deep well of wisdom within you that transcends your intellectual knowing and will utilize your intellectual knowing in order to achieve a higher level of knowing and being.
You have a “higher self” – a true self…the aspect of who you are that knows why you are here and will whisper from the deep well of wisdom in side of you what to do next, where to go, which decision to make.
It is the part of you that is that spark Universal Wisdom, of Divine, of God, of Christ Consciousness, of Spirit of the highest essence – of Ultimate Source – whatever words make sense for you….regardless of your religion or spiritual views.
In order to access that whisper of wisdom – that guidance from your own highest self, it is essential you spend time in meditation every day. Sitting in meditation with all of you is like putting $1 in the bank each day. $1 by itself – not much money…. but $1 deposited each day over 100 days…. $100!
But you won’t accumulate $100 if you don’t make that regular deposit….
And if you dip into that bank account and use that money for this and that, you work backwards.
This is what happens when instead of caring for ourselves mindfully, instead of meditating we spend our mental focus, time and energy on blame, anger, self-pity, victim-hood, addictive behaviors, sleep-deprival…. We move backwards. It’s not punishment from anywhere! It is natural consequence… And something to observe with compassion. We all do it! It’s part of the human experience…
I encourage you to dedicate 10 minutes every day to seated meditation and simply allow whatever happens or doesn’t happen to be. Just breathe, notice and flow with what is. And know that when you meditate it not only benefits you…. When we meditate it has a ripple effect helping serve the world.