Midlife Redesign Coaching, Self-Care Consultation & Retreats

You need a plan.

You need support.

Committing to regular, meaningful and sustainable self-care means having and following a plan that will actually work.

Self-care consultations will provide you an opportunity to develop and implement a plan with built-in accountability and support so you can create and maintain the life you long for.



You are not alone.

I am a midlife redesign coach and a professional self-care consultant for women in midlife all over the world who are seeking ways to align mind, body and spirit toward a life of balance and joy.

What is the difference between counseling vs. coaching vs. consultation?


Counseling is a psychotherapy services and I only provide counseling for residents of Georgia who are in need of services that address a deeper process of healing, providing therapeutic interventions. If this is you, head over to my counseling website here. 

My consultation services are brief, informational, educational and supportive.

Coaching services are provided through a connective program  in which we work together, going more in-depth into various aspects of your life, mind and skills while focusing on specific goals, . 

When you are tired of feeling tired…

When you are exhausted from the stress of life…

It’s time to take action.

Success is reached when you achieve a sense

of lasting fulfillment in your mind, body and life across the board.

 I can help you get there.

My expertise in developmental psychology, brain-science, emotional intelligence and mind-body wellness have allowed me to develop programs that help people just like you create and maintain a satisfying, meaningful lifestyle.

*This service is separate and apart from psychotherapy services. This is a coaching, consultation and educational support service. If you need psychotherapy/counseling services I will help you find a therapist in your state of residence.

Keep Scrolling to See Below a number of Options for How We might Work Together!


“You will come out the other side a renewed woman. There is no greater investment than spending 2 months with Lynn. I promise. Lynn won’t give up on you even when you feel like giving up on yourself. Do it. I promise you will not regret it one bit.”

CJ, Chicago, IL

“You will come out the other side a renewed woman. There is no greater investment than spending 3 months with Lynn as your mentor. I promise. Lynn won’t give up on you even when you feel like giving up on yourself. Do it. I promise you will not regret it one bit.”

CJ, Chicago, IL

“I’ve worked with a lot of life coaches and several therapists over the years. I like to always be working on myself. What Lynn offers is so much deeper and farther than anything I ever experienced in working with all the life coaches and therapists I’ve hired over the years. It’s real, true mentoring! Lynn has an innate gift for sensing and seeing what is really going on at the root of my behaviors and choices and she TEACHES me how to see what is going on and how to do it differently in a way that sticks permanently. After working with Lynn for just one 8 week cycle of life-redesign sessions my entire life changed. I sold the house I’d been sitting on for years and found my dream cottage by the ocean. I started dating with a whole new plan and met my forever love. I quit the job I’d felt stuck in for 15 years and started my own business doing free-lance writing for magazines and I’ve got a publisher for my book I wrote and allowed to collect dust. Lynn’s work is intuitive, efficient, and effective in so many ways. Lynn’s mentoring takes you by the hand and guides you into the places you may have been avoiding but have needed to go into. I highly recommend you book in with Lynn before her waiting list is years long! -“

JL, Tampa, FL

“Lynn Louise stands out as a top notch coach. I’ve worked with coaches before that charged a lot of money and then didn’t deliver what they promised. That’s not the case with Lynn. She is authentic and her services are even MORE and BETTER than she presents it to be. She genuinely cares. When she checked in with me I could always tell she was sincere, wanting to know how I was doing. This 8 week program made me feel like someone really cares when I was feeling alone and depleted.”

AJ, Canton, GA

I have a number of ways you and I can work together.

Sometimes my clients only need a one-time session.

Often clients find that they want to go deeper.

Some prefer to work in groups and some individually.


One Hour Private Consultation Session

I offer one hour self-care consultation sessions by video conference. 

Often women only need one hour with me to get the support and information they need.

Sometimes clients just want to get their feet wet, take baby steps and so they might want to start with a single one hour session and see how they feel after.

In these sessions I will ask you some questions and we will get right down to the nitty gritty of what you most need and create a quick action plan together.

I believe you will be amazed what we can achieve in one session together.

My fee for one hour of consultation is $150.


Flex-Bundle of 4 Private Consultation Sessions

0Maybe you’re not ready to commit to longer term midlife redesign coaching but you definitely know you need some support…

You can bundle up 4 one-hour private consultation sessions (must be utilized within 6 months) and receive a fee that reduces your per session amount.

This option allows you flexibility!

We can meet in one block of 4 hours for a deeper dive.

We can schedule 2 two hour sessions in one week.

We can book you in for 4 weekly sessions.

Or you can spread out your sessions over 6 months while you do the work in between. My flex bundle fee is $500


FREE Self Care Support Circle

You can join a circle of women in midlife that I lead in two places at no cost to you. 

Join Self Care Support for Women in Midlife on Facebook


Join the free Leanin Circle also called Self Care Support for Women in Midlife

The Midlife Self-Discovery Workshop Circle

This circle is an 8 week study circle based upon my book called The Midlife Self-Discovery Workbook

The circle runs several times each year with the inaugural circle beginning April 1, 2022.

The fee is $87 plus purchase of the book.

Want to join? Contact me and I’ll get you on the registration list.

90 Day Midlife redesign Coaching program


When you know the changes you want to make need to happen and it’s going to take true grit and deep commitment, you want to know you have ongoing professional support and accountability.

If you are going through a big life change or challenge right now, it takes time and consistent persistence. As you walk this path of big change, you can easily falter without the right support in place.

This 90 day program provides intensive support including:

  • 12 Weekly one hour coaching sessions
  • A customized action plan for daily and weekly action steps
  • 4 guided personalized guided meditation recordings created just for you
  • A personalized flow-journaling journey
  • Email and text support in between sessions
  • Daily inspiration and encouragement messages sent to you in email or text

This program is customized for your needs and provides structure and guidance to create and keep you on a track with measurable goals and objectives. My fee for this 90 day program is $2950





Women's Self-Care Retreats

Sometimes you just have to get away from the daily grind and all the cues for unhealthy habits to experience deep rest, restoration and relaxation.

Each year, I host and lead a 3  night 4 day Self Care Retreat in luxurious, beautiful locations. COVID19 disrupted our plans for 2020 and 2021.

Information for the 2022 retreat will be posted as soon as we know it will be safe to gather in person..

But first, let’s meet on Zoom – no cost to you …

Schedule a free 15 minute connection consultation with me so we can get to know one another.

Together we can decide if working with me is the right fit for where you are on your life journey.