This meal planning and eating thing just does not need to be stressing us out. Of course I do have an AHH-MAZING 12 week program that includes an easy meal plan along with shopping lists and simple recipes for women who want to really change their habits, the way they feel body, mind and spirit if you want to invest in your whole self. You could click here and go check it out if you like. But I digress! This is about simplifying with regard to the way we eat in general. I must share that I did my own 12 week program again recently to reset my healthy lifestyle and this time I realized how easy this whole thing can be!

So, here is the short version. You know what your body needs daily right? A rough version of what nutritional experts have taught me is as women in mid-life we need some protein three times/day, we need a couple helpings of some nutritious leafy greens and a variety of brightly colored veggies every day and we need a couple servings of fibrous fruit too. Occasionally a small serving of a whole grain packed with nutrition is good for the body as well. We only need to drink water. Really. I know wine is fun and delicious but in mid-life it should be reserved as a very occasional treat not an every night event if our aim is to feel our best and have a simple, balanced life. All we need is water and we need to stay hydrated.

So what if you simplify the grocery shopping and meal planning by simply buying a variety of (preferably organic) berries, a few apples, a head of romaine lettuce, a bag of baby spinach, a dozen free-range eggs, if you’re no a vegetarian a pack of chicken breasts, some wild caught salmon, a head of purple cabbage, an avocado, some coconut oil, onions, mushrooms, pink salt, spices, a sweet potato, some quinoa and some plain greek yogurt and Voila! You’ve got groceries for a week’s worth of creative, simple meals.

Just make a list of staples such as above and then have your go-to easily prepared, quick meals. You might use your crockpot and slow cook chicken and salsa all day and come home to a ready made chicken taco salad! Or you might throw some salmon in the oven and pan sear some asparagus in coconut oil and lemon juice.

Once we get into the habit of simple, straight forward healthy meal options it becomes… well…. habit! Healthy habits that contribute to our simple life aim.

And when it comes time to eat your food, sit down with it. Slow down. Take time to smell it. Chew slowly. Savor the experience and your body will digest it more thoroughly.

Bon apetit!