simple lifeAs a part of my pursuit of a simple life I have to look at the ways these days I have fun that fit with my new lifestyle In my early 20’s I felt compelled to go out on the town at night even though we had very little extra money. In my late 20’s and early 30’s, my days and nights were busy taking care of my babies. I didn’t see a movie or watch a TV show other than Disney and PBS kids from 1994 – 2000. Once the kids were a little older I thought it was a luxury to get to watch Sex & The City on HBO after they’d gone to bed. In my 40’s as the kids have grown up my husband and I have mastered the art of simple entertainment and we make this a regular part of our weekly life so that we have balance after a lot of long work hours.

We do love local theater and the arts. Whenever possible we support the creative arts community by attending plays, art shows and local music in small venues. We love our travel adventures and go on trips on average 5-6 times/year. But we also have some simple ways to kick back and enjoy our down time.

  1. Porch time. I never thought I’d be that adult who sat on the porch sipping on iced herbal tea but I must say that I really enjoy it. We marvel at all the wild life in and around our home. We catch up on the goings ons of the week. Just this morning we watched the morning sky turn from pink to blue. A simple life lends to valuing the view.
  2. Gardening. I’m not much of a green thumb but I love to plant and care for flowers and fruit plants. It’s very rewarding to prune, pinch off the dead-heads, see how the plants are flourishing.
  3. Cooking. Now that our daughter is a junior in high school with lots of evening activities, Dennis and I are almost empty nesters so we often are the only two home for dinner. We turn on Edie Brickell, Ray LaMontagne or an evening chill play list off of Spotify and cook together.  It’s truly fun and bonding for us to make our own meals and sit down together at the dining room table or out back on the back porch if weather permits. Back porch dining is definitely part of a simple life.
  4. Walking. I used to walk only for exercise or to take the dog to potty but now walking in the evenings is one of my favorite activities. I enjoy crossing paths with other walkers and admiring the landscaping and gardens of our neighboring homes.
  5. Netflix. I must admit in this day and age it is simple and fun entertainment to follow a series or catch a movie on Netflix. We invested a reasonable amount of money into smart TVs and now the cinema is at our finger tips and there is some really great viewing available.
  6. Chess. It’s not just for cerebral kids. It’s a game that strengthens the brain and is really entertaining.  We keep a chess set out on our coffee table and I’ve been known to bond with my kids, their friends, husband over a good game of chess.simple life chess
  7. Fiction. As a psychotherapist and a leader in my profession I have to stay up on the latest research in the field of wellness and psychology but I love a good fiction book. Whether an actual book or on my reader I love to get lost in a compelling read. Part of living a simple life has been to return to taking time to snuggle with a good book.
  8. High School Football. Maybe it’s a carry over from when my middle child played football but I find high school games to be very entertaining. And it’s not just the game. It’s watching the kids and the parents in the stands.
  9. Meditation and Yoga. It’s a non negotiable. And I truly love it. Doing a daily yoga practice and sitting in meditation in the sacred space of my new little studio space is one of my favorite things to do and is definitely part of my simple life entertainment.

If you have ideas for simple entertainment you enjoy please post in the comments below!