Anybody who knows me and follows my work at Wonders Wellness knows that I LOVE a line of all natural skin and hair care products created by my friend Gilly called Gilly’s Organics. I love her line so much I have an entire page on this website dedicated to them. You can go read her story and all about these products HERE if you want . . .)

If you’re striving to simplify and really cut your budget I have some ideas for you that really work to keep skin beautiful and supple and youthful – so important for women in mid-life!

Since I sold all of my Gilly’s products and used up my personal supply, I decided that before I go order some more I would  try a simple and super-cheap assortment of household items. I have been using the following items on my skin and seeing really nice results:

  1. Castile Soap with a drop of tea tree oil for cleansing.
  2. Baking soda for a gentle exfoliant and skin brightener
  3. Witch Hazel as my astringent with a drop of orange essential oil.
  4. “Thieves” blend (I make my own – see here for easy, affordable recipe) for spot-blemish treatment overnight.
  5. Organic Coconut oil for moisturizing
  6. Bentonite Clay for a monthly detox facial mask
  7. Plain greek yogurt, lime juice, crushed mint leaves and extra virgin olive oil for a cooling, cleansing weekly facial mask

Simply smooth and supple skin in mid-life need not be rocket science. . .