So when I first set out on this 125 journey to live a simple life with this project that started on September 6 I was quite ambitious. I was going to write a blog post every day for 125 days dedicated to this simple life project. But guess what? Life happened. And I I have been having incredible opportunities to actually interact with life with my simple life mindset day in and day out. So, I decided to change my mind. Change the nature of my commitment to this project and just blog a couple times each week. Maybe only once a week. And you know, it’s good. It’s healthy to be able to just simply change your mind. Because life is NOT a one way street. We get to choose and change as a part of harmonizing with this human experience we are having along the way.

Now, let us not undervalue the virtue of reliability. I am all about being where I say I will be and showing up and following through on my promises. I think we can take it too far sometimes. It’s important to stay fluid and change direction when needed.

I decided to let myself off the hook because I’ve had a tendency to be overly committed and overly reliable. I’ve no intention of suddenly letting down my clients, friends and family but I’m also tuning in each morning to what my inner-self wants and needs and allowing this to guide me. And this practice is actually allowing more time, energy and space in my daily life to be of service to others. Strange how that works.

So, maybe today you can let yourself off the reliability hook and tune in. Give yourself permission to simply change your mind. After all, isn’t a woman’s prerogative? ; )