letting goThis might be tough but it’s important. Letting go can be one of the simplest yet most difficult things to do. Are there relationships that have run their course and may be nothing but a drain and a burden? I’m not suggesting you start breaking up with your entire family and friend group. I am suggesting, though, that as we dedicate ourselves to living a simpler life – especially at this mid-life point – we really need to evaluate who we are hanging out with. You may find you have a friend that you’ve known for 15 years who complains constantly and can’t ever seem to find the bright side, always making every get together about herself and her woes. You’ve tried to talk to her about it many times but she dismisses your concerns and makes uno changes. It might be time to let her go.

Or, you might have lived a lifetime of being treated poorly by a family member with whom you’ve made many attempts to assert yourself, set boundaries and request a change to no avail. It might be time to let him go.

Perhaps you’ve been working in a job you really hate for too long. It might be time to move on, find another way to earn your income and let it go.

Letting go of people and situations that are familiar can feel like a very difficult thing to do.

At this point in life we begin to realize that the quality of our time spent with others needs our attention. We become more mindful of how we are feeling when around certain people or in particular situations. We begin tuning in and listening to our inner guidance more carefully. And often we find it’s simply time to let go of some people, some places or some things.

Relief can be had when we follow these hunches. And letting go need not be cruel. You don’t even owe anyone a full explanation.

Relationships worth holding onto or jobs that offer us long term security can be opportunities to work through challenges. I’m not suggesting we walk away from all the people who are difficult to deal with. I’m referring to honoring what your inner wisdom tells you on when it’s time to simply let go. When you’ve tried long enough and are feeling perpetually depleted or beaten down. Give yourself permission to lovingly release those relationships and wish them only the best on their own life paths. You can choose to walk away so that you can focus more of your energy and time on the healthier relationships and fulfilling life experiences. Letting go can be a gift to yourself and your life.