Want to relax this summer? Here are 6 tips for peace

woman in waterHard to believe… summer is right around the corner.

I’m guessing you really want to relax this summer!


While summer time may be fun time for kids, the summer months can be rough for a lot of women over 40.

It’s hot. And if we’re approaching menopause, in menopause or even beyond menopause sweltering summer temps, hot flashes and night sweats don’t make for a comfortable combo.

The kids are often home during the summer. Many moms feel the need to create fancy vacations and super-fun outings with jam-packed schedules.

I’m thinking that you might be interested in ways to create a calmer,more peaceful, more relaxing summer than summers past.

I have some ideas for you.

As a counselor, wellness coach and yoga teacher, I consistently find myself helping people find a place of calm in the midst of what feels like chaos of the busy-ness of daily life. So, I thought I’d share 6 tips for you to try this summer for more peace and calm.

Peaceful Summer Tip #1:

Schedule POCKETS of NOTHING as often as possible.  Literally block off time on your calendar this summer where NOTHING is scheduled. Pockets of Nothing provide room to breathe, room for spontaneity, room for much needed rest. You might find yourself lounging with a stevia-sweetened lemonade on the back deck with a good book…or you might find yourself playing a spontaneous game of tag with all the neighborhood kids. Schedule unscheduled time. Might surprise you how good it feels not to be at the mercy of clock and calendar.women by water

Peaceful Summer Tip #2:

Pack ice. Mix 1 part rubbing alcohol and 3 parts water in a zip-tight gallon size freezer bag and toss in the ice box overnight for a ready-made ice pack. The alcohol will keep the water from freezing solid. Grab it and hold it to your neck when a hot flash hits. If you’re on the run, toss it in an insulated lunch bag along.

Peaceful Summer Tip #3

Wake up before the rest of the house does and spend time with YOU. Trust me on this. There is something very special about morning time when no one else is awake. During the summer, I love to sit outside at dawn with my eyes closed and feel the rising sun on my face. You can use this time for meditation, prayer, or just BEING with yourself. It’s magical. Try it. You’ll love it.

Peaceful Summer Tip #4:

Let yourself off the hook. Give yourself permission to release the need to be the perfect summer-party-host or summer-fun-parent. Try going with the flow this summer instead of having to have everything just so. Just think… if that long list of summer-experience-expectations flew out the window….I am willing to bet you will feel relieved.

Peaceful Summer Tip #5:

Try a gentle evening yoga practice. There are a lot of gentle, simple yoga postures and breath practices that are very cooling to the body and soothing for the mind. Check out a yoga studio near home or browse for a downloadable yoga class here.

Peaceful Summer Tip #6:

Stay cool in your relationships. It’s been proven that when summer temperatures rise we see tempers flare, harsh words spoken and relationships suffer. Be gentle with yourself AND with others. Be mindful of the words you use, the tone of your voice and take time to cool down if you find yourself getting irritated with others.

I just know you want to relax this summer and with these 6 tips and a strong intention to make this year different, you’re off to a cooler, calmer, more peaceful summer.