woman over 40 on beach

No, this is not your typical article about what style of suit to wear to enhance your best features and camouflage your “trouble areas.”

I want to share with you a mind+body+spirit approach to facing swimsuit season for women over 40 so that you can FEEL better about your whole self this summer.

If you are that statistically rare woman over 40 who has fabulous genes and/or killer workout and healthy diet habits in place that keep you slim and fit… this article is probably not for you …. but you are WELCOME to keep reading because you might just pick up a few ideas here!

This article is for all the women over 40 who are cringing at the idea of swimsuit season.

Here is a truth-in-action map for you:

1. You are where you are right now in this present moment. Accept your body and breathe into where you are. Let’s stop with all the mental kicking-n-screaming, shall we? All that resistance is not getting us anywhere good.lynn mexico swim suit

2. Be grateful to your body for carrying your spirit around these 40+ years and decide RIGHT NOW to demonstrate to your body how thankful you are from this moment forward…Close your eyes and speak these words out loud (in private): My dear body, thank you for carrying me around all these years. Please forgive me for all the ways I have abused you. I promise, beginning right now, I am going to take better care of you and love you more than I have.

3. Look to the right of this article in the blue box and sign up to get my 7 Day Clean, Lean & Green Kickstart Program. It’s free. It’s not a gimmick. It’s my gift to you to get you started. (BE SURE to look in your Promotions Folder if you have gmail so you can get your copy! darn gmail… and their efforts to keep us organized).

4. Open the email from me, download the program, print it off, sit back and read it and start planning for your 7 day kickstart. It covers not only what you eat, but what you put on your skin, how you THINK, how to relax, how to love yourself as you are…

5. If you follow this 7 day program, in ONE WEEK you WILL feel the difference. It might just bring tears to your eyes.lasting change

6. If you have 20 pounds of excess weight or more and you really feel READY to release it and keep it off with a lifestyle change, do the 7 day kickstart and then contact me on day 8 to let me know how you are doing and I can customize a weight loss program for YOU with personalized coaching OR with no coaching if you want to do it solo.

7. Everytime you take a sip of water or tune in to your breathing, take 5 seconds to choose again to love yourself and your body enough to keep going with a new, healthy path….

8. Meanwhile, get ya a cute swimsuit, a snazzy pair of sunglasses, a sweet pedicure and a stylish cover up and hold your head high because you are BEAUTIFUL no matter what!

9. Keep coming back because I have LOTS of great support for you coming soon!

Be well….