cubesIf I had to come up with my top two ways to make magic happen in life I would say it is using the process of Intention Setting and using Ritual.

Since the beginning of time, human beings have observed rituals. Rituals are a way of honoring and paying respect to the intangible elements of life itself. Rituals help us to be dedicated, purposeful and reminded of what really matters in life.

What we focus on expands. If we live our lives with conscious and dedicated intention, focusing on that which we most long to experience in this life, then some will say that we can actually create that experience.

In fact, many say that we are co-creating our experience whether we do so consciously or unconsciously.

When we approach our lives with reverence, meaningful ritual coupled with clear intention we are far more likely to experience expanded joy, peace and harmony.

Recently I had the honor of meeting an incredibly gifted artist by the name of Sherri Hayter who creates sacred pieces of art called Intention Cubes.   These beautiful cubes are customized for you as a way to reverently speak your heart’s deepest desires into creation.  I am so in love with these cubes with the beautiful spirit Sherri is and with this whole concept I had to write a blog post about this and share with others!

These sacred cubes feature Sherri’s drawings etched on the exterior, and a hand polished gold wax interior with inset crystals that connect and amplify energy.  Each cube she creates is completely unique because you choose the words you want on the inside of your cube. Sherri ritualistically marks each cube for you with your initials monogrammed in the base.

cubeopenOnce Sherri finishes creating your cube, she sends it to you open and flat with special instructions on how to use the cube to set the intentions of your heart. You can choose to put special objects inside your intention cube  such as crystals, notes, or other items of special significance. Some people simply whisper their intentions into the cube before closing it.

I have my own customized intention cube and I keep it in my sacred space at home. I include my cube in my daily meditation and the respect I show for it amplifies the energy of my heart’s intentions for my life.

You can order your own customized intention cube . While you are there take a look at her other beautiful creations!