a healthy green smoothie with fruits and vegetablesHear me out, please. I am going to give you all the scoop on the what, why and how of life with green smoothies.


There are many benefits of green smoothies! Here are my 7 top reasons!

  1. It’s a Quick Pick-me-up – I LOVE to drink a green smoothie first thing in the a.m. in place of coffee and in the afternoon. Hear me out you coffee lovers! The phytonuntrients and choraphyl in the green smoothie absorbs right into the body as soon as it hits your tongue and heads down to your tummy providing a natural, HEALTHY boost of energy.
  2. Supports healthy release of fat from the body. Green smoothies provide a cleanse for the digestive system and the entire body due to all the powerful phytonutrients and high fiber content allowing your body’s systems to function more efficiently, eliminate toxins and reassure the body it’s going to get good nutrition so it can release that fat.
  3. Natural immunization. Drinking your greens daily boosts immunity, helping your body to fight off nasty viral and bacterial invaders.
  4. Disease Shield. Along with boosting your immunity, green smoothies are loaded with antioxidants which act as little soldiers to chase away free radicals in the body which can lead to cancer and other diseases
  5. It’s a Meal on the Go.In 2 minutes you can have a green smoothie in hand and be out the door and that’s including clean up. I urge you to invest in a Vitamix – I’ve tried the other high power blenders and my Vitamix – still going strong after 14 years of daily use – was the best investment I’ve ever made. (You can get one for under $300 now! I paid twice that 14 years ago so this is a no brainer! Hello!?)
  6. Gorgeous Youthful Skin. Because green smoothies are loaded with antioxidants, fiber and phytonutrients my skin is smooth and a lot younger-looking than my age indicates (so I’m told… blush). Healthy digestive track, strong immune system, regular phytonutrients all lend to healthy, glowing skin.
  7. It’s a Way to Love Yourself! Downing a green smoothie or two every day is my way of taking care of my body, mind and spirit. My mind is sharper, I have more energy and I just FEEL better through and through.

What’s in a Green Smoothie?

Here is my Green Smoothie Formula for creating your own green smoothie combos:

2 Cups Liquid  + 2 Cups Juicy/Ripe Organic Fruit + 2 Cups Organic Greens + 1 tsp of extra(s) if desired

Liquid Choices?

Purified water

Almond milk

Coconut milk

Oat milk

(*note, I’m not a fan of dairy milk for a host of reasons but you can choose cow’s milk if you like…)

Fruit Choices?

Organic apple peel included

Orange peeled, seeded and sectioned



Banana (go easy here – banana is dessert in my book – limit only one banana/week if you’re watching your weight)

Fresh Pineapple (same for banana – don’t over do this high sugar-content fruit)




Organic berries of all kinds

Organic pear

Organic peach or nectarine

Organic apricot

Green Choices?

Organic baby spinach

Organic kale

Organic romaine lettuce

Organic swiss chard

Dandelion greens

(*note, alternate your greens if you can day to day so you’re not eating spinach every day OR better yet, you can combine greens. Spinach and romaine are mild in flavor – the others have a “gamey” sometimes bitter taste so experiment with portions – a little goes a long way sometimes)


Raw, sprouted pumpkin seeds

Raw, sprouted sunflower seeds

Freshly ground flax seed (get flax seed WHOLE from store, grind in a coffee grinder used ONLY for flax and wipe out after each use)

Coconut oil


Hemp powder for protein

Pea protein

Whey protein (okay, this is ONE dairy based product I can get behind for sure)

Acai powder

Cacao powder

Chia seeds

 Tips for blending your Green Smoothie:

  • Pack down those leafy greens in a measuring cup to get 2 cups and place in your Vitamix.
  •  Add your 2 cups of liquid and turn on low at first and then increase speed until all leafy chunks are gone.
  •  Add 2 cups of fruit and keep blending until smooth
  • Pour into a tall glass and drink immediately OR store in a glass mason jar but make sure you fill to the brim, seal so there is no air and store in fridge – but drink by end of day or nutrients will be lost.

Enjoy a green smoothie as part of a healthy lifestyle! Your body, mind and spirit with thank you!