yoga-1313114_1280By now you are very familiar with the term “mind, body and spirit.” But what is the significance and what does this have to do with yoga and relaxation?

Yoga is a practice that, by design, aims to unite the focus of the mind, the body’s well-being and the breath and essence of your being.

The mind is the boss of the body. You see, your body and emotions follow the thoughts in your mind.  When we are able to be fully conscious of what we are thinking, what we are focused on and have a clear, orderly mind we will find the body and emotions are more in balance. Ahhhhhh…

On the contrary, if your mind is scattered, preoccupied or consumed with worry, the body will receive signals to tighten up, release stress hormones and will not be able to function optimally.

If you learn how to practice gentle yoga for deep relaxation you will experience wonderful results. Keep in mind, this is a PRACTICE requiring regular repetitive observations of gentle postures, particular breath awareness and soft mind-training in order to get the mind, body and spirit of who you are in alignment.

In order to experience deep relaxation, you have to have both your mind and your body in the same place. This may sound simple but in today’s society we are often in one place with our body while our minds wander everywhere except the here and now!

When you practice gentle yoga for deep relaxation, you are receiving the benefits of bringing the mind into a meditative state – a state of focus, of being very present with your body and your breath. During this meditative state, the body is recharged much like a battery. You receive fresh and new energy. It is different that a sleep fraught with dreams. It is a deep state of relaxation that restores and nourishes the body.